Introducing ScienceOnline: Oceans!

sciooceans_sqI am thrilled to officially announce ScienceOnline: Oceans, which will take place in Miami this October! ScienceOnline: Oceans is an official event of the North Carolina based ScienceOnline organization and meeting, and we hope to incorporate much of what makes those meetings so special, but there is one key difference that regular ScienceOnline attendees should be aware of. ScienceOnline: Oceans will focus exclusively on ocean science and conservation (and, of course, how these topics relate to the internet and social media).

Who can attend? Anyone! Any interested scientist, journalist, student, blogger, communicator, activist, or member of the public is welcome. Due to logistical limits, we will have to cap total attendance at 200, including organizers, presenters, and attendees. Registration is still open, although spaces are going fast!

What if I’m a marine scientist with no experience using the internet for science communication / what if I’m a science communicator with no previous ocean science experience? Then come learn! ScienceOnline: Oceans will be an excellent opportunity to learn about these issues, as well as to network with leaders in the field.

What’s the schedule? The event will be October 11th – 13th, 2013. Friday evening will open with a welcome social and a panel discussion featuring expert local marine biologists and conservationists. We’ll have ScienceOnline-style unconference sessions and focused training workshops all day Saturday, followed by a closing social. Participants will have the option of taking part in one of three all-day field trips on Sunday: snorkeling on one of South Florida’s beautiful coral reefs, touring the Everglades, or helping local scientists (including me) with ongoing shark research projects.

You can read the session topics here (curated from suggestions submitted to our planning wiki earlier this year).

How can I help? We need lots of help to plan ScienceOnline: Oceans, from locals and out-of-towners alike! We need South Floridians to help identify possible hotels and sites for socials, as well as other logistical issues (transportation, etc). We need people to help create the program by helping us to pick the best of the suggested sessions. We need people to help us find sponsors, both local and elsewhere. We can’t do it without you! There are lots of opportunities to help, and I hope you’ll get involved.

What’s the hashtag? #ScioOceans

Can I sign up to stay informed? We’ll advertise program suggestion submissions and the registration deadline heavily through regular ScienceOnline channels, as well as ocean science channels and right here on Southern Fried Science. However, if you want to make sure that you don’t miss anything, or want to volunteer to help leave a comment below or e-mail me at WhySharksMatter at gmail dot com!  We also have an official twitter account and Facebook fan page!