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 Sponsorship at ScienceOnline Oceans

Our conferences bring together journalists, scientists, and other stakeholders for
meaningful conversation so they can build trust and learn to understand each
other. This results in better communication about the science to the public and to
policymakers – from both the journalist and the researcher.

We build and support this community that encourages one another, networks,
brainstorms, mentors, learns and is generous about sharing data and
information. This results in joint projects, leads for job opportunities, and information about potential funding sources.

We enable connections between researchers in diverse fields of science by
bringing them out of their specialized conferences and tapping into their shared
experience of using the internet to do and communicate science online.

In January 2013, we had 450 attendees present at our annual conference (we
keep attendance small to ensure good interaction). But there are currently 5,699
unique Twitter users who continue the conversation online with the conference
hashtag! This community stays in touch via the hashtag all year.

We are looking for ways to include more people in the conversations about
science communication and doing science on the web. There are three areas we
are currently working on: local satellite groups (both in the US and abroad);
regional events and topical events (e.g. ScienceOnline Climate in DC in August ,
ScienceOnline Oceans in Miami in October), and resource tools for professional

This year we also added 24 global Watch Parties to our flagship conference,
multiplying the number of people adding content to the conversation. We are
looking to increase our global reach with creative ways to include distant groups.
Our website maintains an archive of videos captured from our various events so
that we can serve and empower the community with an ongoing, free, resource.

This topic-specific event brings together ocean researchers, communicators,
policymakers, and other stakeholders to explore the ways that effective use of
social media and other online resources can support and advance the research
and communication of ocean science. We’ll discuss both local and global issues.
The relationships built during the conference will lead to ongoing community
online and effective networks of ideas, collaborations, and public interface.

We’re all in this together. Our goals overlap. We (and you, we think!) want
science to be done well, to be communicated accurately, to effect change, and to
be accessible.

The conversations, relationships, collaborations, and communication that come
out of the ScienceOnline Oceans conference will do that. We think you want to see science communicated effectively. You can ensure that we are able to create the atmosphere and provide the tools needed to allow the ScienceOnline Oceans attendees do just that.
Be a part of the conversation. We invite our sponsors to be full participants in the
conference: sit in our moderated discussions; contribute to the conversation. Be
part of the solution.

We appreciate our sponsors. We need you!
Your logo and branding will be included in our online materials (promotion, blog,
program material) and also present at our event in printed materials. We also
write a follow-up blog article highlighting the events and sponsors of the
conference (with links to your website).

Please join with us to make ScienceOnline Oceans an effective and productive
conference. Help us bring together the Oceans stakeholders to identify best
practices and resources for communicating the crucial information that affects
our coastlines and daily lives.

Levels of sponsorship:

Giant Squid:
• Who doesn’t love a giant cephalopod? We do! Be our Giant Squid
Sponsor for the ScienceOnline Oceans Friday night panel and social
event that will kick off the entire event. This foundation is critical for the
conversations that will occur on Saturday during the moderated sessions.
• $15,000 (includes 3 complimentary seats, and 3 additional guaranteed
spots for registration if desired). The Friday panel discussion will be
named after your organization and we will have signage during the
evening indicating your sponsorship with your branding.

Great White Shark:
• The Great White knows how to zero in on what he needs to survive. Our
attendees will zero in on our Café because they will find nonstop coffee
and a casual atmosphere for networking. You can make our
ScienceOnline Oceans Café a marine mecca by being our Great White
Shark sponsor.
• $10,000 (includes 3 complimentary seats, and 2 additional guaranteed
spots for registration if desired). The Café will be named after your
organization will have a signage in the cafe indicating your sponsorship
with your branding.

Coral Reef:
• Coral reefs are spectacular habitats and our discussion rooms serve as an
inspiring habitat for further conversation. Sponsor one of the
ScienceOnline Oceans discussion rooms (5 rooms available). This is
where the action happens. This is where the moderated conversations
move us forward and provide opportunities for idea exchange, best
practices sharing, and brainstorming. We will name one of the rooms after
your organization and will have a sign in the room indicating your
sponsorship with your branding.
• $5,000 (includes two complimentary seats at the conference)

Green Sea Turtle:
• Green sea turtles travel a large distance, be a sponsor at large and help
us provide the big and little details (transportation, AV, wifi (!), and more).
• $2000 (includes one complimentary seat at the conference)

• It takes many plankton to feed a whale, and we value each and everyone
one of our sponsors. We’ll list you in our materials and on our sponsor
posters and be very, very grateful!
• $500 (includes a guaranteed spot for registration)

The most valuable benefit we can offer sponsors is the opportunity to join us and
be part of the conversation as a participant. This is why we provide
complimentary seats and opportunities to register additional attendees for a
guaranteed spot. You can use these spots for yourself or offer them to someone
who you feel would most benefit from attending (perhaps via a writing contest or
student sponsorship).

We will not have a typical swag bag at ScienceOnline Oceans. Our experience
has been that flyers, postcards, and most plastic give-aways end up in the trash.
That’s not a good use of your resources, and certainly doesn’t help our sponsors
to create long-lasting connections with our participants.

Contact Karyn Traphagen, Executive Director, to discuss any of your sponsorship questions.
Karyn Traphagen


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